'Lottie' Animal Print Cosy Jumper

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This soft cosy Animal print jumper will be your favourite this Autumn and beyond. This neutral will go with so much and who doesn't love leopard? Perfect with jeans or leather trousers.
  • One Size Approx UK Size 8-14
  • 80% Core Spun, 20% Wool
How do you wash spun wool?
Fill a bucket, bowl or sink with warm to hot water and a bit of no-rinse wool wash like SOAK . Push your item into the water with your hands, holding it under until it's completely saturated, then let it hang out in the water for 10 minutes or so. Don't agitate the yarn unless you are looking to full or felt it! Rinse it clean, then lay it out flat to dry. Once dry, you may steam alpaca lightly with an iron.