Discovery Experience

Discover your Everyday Style Story.

Finding your style is not about being a fashionista or buying a whole new wardrobe. In fact it's not really about fashion at all, it's about your confidence and self-belief. It's about how you present that to the world, how you show up in all your glory! Being your most authentic self is a phrase that's banded around a lot these days. I think it's more about being true to yourself and that gives you confidence to shine like the freaking supernova that you are! Some of us get a little lost along the way, so many life changes happen to our bodies and our identities on our journey as women. It's no wonder our self-belief and our time for ourselves takes a hit! We're so good at looking after others, isn't it about time you took back some time for you? To be fair, showing up for yourself is one of the hardest things to do but boy does it make a difference when you do! And what a great lesson to teach your kids! The confidence you gain from knowing and trusting
you've got it sussed will empower you to go for it in other areas of your life!
So is it time to discover your self-belief again? I can help you get back on track and find your everyday style story. It all starts with knowing your style and how to dress to show the world who you really are. Are you coming?

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